Meg (Gem) Geyser, RN, MSN

 photo credit: Mike Franzman

photo credit: Mike Franzman

I am a hoopaholic. My given name is Meg, but I call myself Gem (which is Meg spelled backwards, but you knew that…right?) because the hoop took everything I THOUGHT I knew about myself and completely reversed it!

I am a lifelong artist who has always been innately drawn to spirals and circles. I picked up my first hoop in 2008, and have been obsessed with hooping ever since. I never expected that a plastic circle could lead me to grow as a person in ways I never imagined. Along my hoop journey, I've been blessed by being able to study with hoop dance inspirations like Brecken Riviera, Babz Robinson, Anah Reichenbach (aka Hoopalicious), Malcolm Stewart, Ann HumphreysSaFire, and Kandice Korves-Kaus, and have been honored to have performed at fairs, yoga retreats, drum circles and festivals throughout New England. 

I adore yoga, and was first drawn to the practice in 2007 as a new mom caring for my two daughters. My first class was a life-changing experience that transformed me into a devoted yoga practitioner. While I enjoy all forms of yoga, I am particularly fond of Vinyasa flow. I am a RYT-200 yoga instructor, and I teach weekly yoga classes in addition to my weekly hoopdance classes. I am also a certified HoopVinyasa teacher and regularly hold workshops in this hoop/yoga fusion. In addition, I am a licensed Zumba instructor, and I love sharing my passion for movement and dance in my special and private event Zumba classes. I thoroughly enjoy meeting students from all walks of life, and I love sharing my passion for movement and dance with others!

Although I am a Master's level Yale-trained nurse psychotherapist and have many years experience working with patients suffering from all types of mental illness, it was through my own yoga and hoop practices that I realized the source of much human suffering, anxiety and depression in adults is often related to the unconscious limitation of natural movement - as well as the forgotten childhood ability to let go of the ego and simply play.  My classes are designed to encourage and facilitate playfulness, confidence, and joy while generating a sense of self-acceptance and peace.

In the words of psychiatrist Stuart Brown, MD, "Play energizes and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities. Play fosters belonging, and encourages cooperation. Play keeps us fit, mentally and physically". The practice of play is powerful, and it is precious.  I am a play professional, and I want to share the power of play with you.

  When I am not practicing yoga or hooping, you can find me filming and editing videos of all kinds, painting, hiking, playing with stuffed animals, listening to music, or chilling with my husband, two daughters, and our good old-fashioned mutt, Lizzy.