In Hoop Vinyasa, hula hoops become tools for alignment in our asana practice (yoga poses), and the spinning movement helps us dive deeper into our meditative focus. Vinyasa yoga and hoop dance come together in a unique flow, pushing new boundaries and finding balance between stillness and movement, focus and fun.

Hoop Vinyasa workshops, playshops, or flowshops vary in length from 75 minutes to 2 hours, and can be taught in yoga studios, at yoga or hoop retreats, and festivals of all kinds. Gem is a certified Hoop Vinyasa teacher and will travel throughout New England and beyond to bring this unique experience to you. Demonstrations and performances also available.

Hoop Dance = Hula Hoops. Child's Play. Circus Performance. Flow Arts

Vinyasa Yoga = Breath. Poses. Flow. Philosophy. Meditation. Movement.


Workshop Description

Hoop Vinyasa is a fun, challenging, dynamic practice that helps you find focus, balance, and grace in the swirl of life while turning up the fun factor for that kid inside you.

In this playshop, we will work with both yoga postures and hoop techniques from the ground up, building toward an integrated Hoop Vinyasa flow.

We will focus on uses of the hoop as a prop for both alignment and strength-building in asana - structured in a way to be accessible to the newest yoga devotees yet interesting and challenging to experienced practitioners.  

We will learn and review fundamentals of hoop dance for both on- and off-body moves, developing and practicing a variety of hand, waist, and foot hooping techniques.  As we master some of these tricks, we will begin to integrate them into our yoga practice - and prepare to take your Hoop Vinyasa  practice to the next level.

We'll end the day with a hoop dance jam!

Contact me if you would like to schedule a Hoop Vinyasa workshop in your community!