Hooping Happy Hour


Want to try hooping, but you're a little shy? No problem! Book a Hoopy Happy Hour party in the comfort of your own home, or in The Hoop Room at Gem Hoops.

You and your friends can chill with some wine or other beverage of your choice while Gem gives you a personal hoop demonstration. After you have relaxed a bit, get ready to let loose and give hooping a whirl while Gem leads you in a 30 minute easy hoop session that will have you laughing, grooving, and feeling awesome.

CAUTION: Hooping is addicting, and may make you even giddier than wine!


Price: $150 for a 1 hour party for min of 6, max of 10 people. Includes 5 minute performance at beginning, 50 minutes of hoop instruction, (30 minute hoop session, 20 minutes of individual instruction and question/answer session) and 5 minute performance at the end. Includes hoop rental and, and party guests who purchase a Gem hoop at the party, or place an order that night will receive $10 off the full hoop price.



Hooping Parties


Want to Hoopify a party or event you are having? No problem! Gem hoops will bring the party to you! Perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings,  festivals or anywhere you want to inject a bit of fun, laughter, and entertainment! Gem Hoops will begin with a 5 minute hoop or LED hoop performance, followed by a brief and informal hoop playshop to get people up and hooping. Up to 20 adult size sparkly and colorful beginner hoops will be provided so participants can twirl together to an upbeat and fun soundtrack (provided). Large or outdoor spaces are best since each hooper requires 10 square feet of hooping room. Sound system can be provided on request for an additional fee. Gem will wrap up the festivities with another 5 minute performance at the end. 


Price: $250 includes 1.5 hours (10 min total time performance, 20 minutes instruction, and one hour hooping free time) hoop rental for up to 20 people, and one new Gem hoop ($40 value) for the guest of honor to keep.

Additional hoop rental time $50 per hour

Gem will travel to New Haven, Hartford, and Middlesex counties up to 20 miles from Durham, CT. Parties outside this area will be considered but will be subject to mileage charges of 55 cents per mile.