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Hooping for Fitness 101 PLAYshop (1.5 hours)

Get a new spin on life and fitness with hula-hooping and remember how fun it is to PLAY! This upbeat, aerobic workout blends the invigoration of cardio with a mind-body connection while improving balance, flexibility and core strength. We will hoop at the waist, hips, arms, and off the body while moving and flowing with the hoop.

Burn up to 500 calories an hour while smiling and having fun! A few fancy beginner hoop tricks will also be included in this workshop. Hula-hooping is for everyone…. don’t worry if you haven’t picked up a hoop in years! Our sturdy, specially designed adult sized hoops are easy to use and we guarantee you will be waist hooping with ease by the end of the workshop!

HoopDANCE 101 Workshop (1.5 hours)

Hoop dance is hot! Not yo mama’s hula hoop, Gem’s Hoopdance 101 Workshop is packed with fun, sexy dance moves that will get your body moving and heart pumping, with a big smile on your face all the while. Hooping is a fun aerobic activity that strengthens the whole body. You will find a mind-body connection while building balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. NO previous experience required, all skill levels welcome.

Moves covered: halo, lift-up, weave, revolving door, jump through, isolations, booty bump, and many more with unlimited variations and transitions for each.

Hoop Vinyasa Workshop

Click here for more information on this exciting hoop/yoga fusion!

Hooping for Healing (2 hours)

This slower paced workshop is specifically designed for those in need in of a little extra joy and healing in their life. The hoop is a powerful tool that has helped many overcome anxiety, depression, and grief. In fact, the spiral itself is a symbol of change, progression, and development. In this workshop you will explore the hoop as a facilitator of light, joy, and peace. You will also be led through some healing and centering meditations along the way. Gem, a master's trained psychiatric nurse and psychotherapist, will safely guide you as you discover your own innate healing potential within the circle.

Kids Hooping Playshop (length varies, educational option available)

This workshop is specifically designed for kids ages 7-12. The basics of hula hooping will be introduced, then we will quickly move on to fancy hoop tricks that will definitely impress your family and friends! Some fun hoop games will be integrated into this lighthearted and playful workshop.

Note: This workshop can be modified to include an extra element learning by using the hoop to study and explore a chosen topic in the area of math, science, music, or art. Perfect for camps, schools, clubs, or community organizations. Just contact me and we can customize a children's workshop to meet your needs!

More workshop descriptions coming soon!